Trafkon AB was founded in late 2015 and is currently working on two research projects. The research reports will be made available here as soon as they are ready (estimated december 2016).

Höskuldur Kröyer has previously published several research papers and reports:

Pedestrian and bicyclist flows in accident modelling at intersections. Influence of the length of observational period. Kröyer, H.R.G., Safety Science 82, 2016.

Accidents between pedestrians, bicyclists and motorized vehicles: Accident risk and injury severity. Kröyer, H.R.G., Lunds University, 2015.

Is 30 km/h a ´safe´ speed? Injury severity of pedestrians struck by a vehicle and the relation to travel speed and age. Kröyer, H.R.G., IATSS Research 39-1, 2015.

The relation between speed environment, age and injury outcome for bicyclists struck by a motorized vehicle - a comparison with pedestrians. Kröyer, H.R.G., Accident Analysis and Prevention 76, 2015.

Relative fatality risk curve to describe the effect of change in the impact speed on fatality risk of pedestrians struck by a motor vehicle. Kröyer, H.R.G., Várhelyi, A., Jonsson, T., Accident Analysis and Prevention 62, 2014.

Translatet title: The use of electric vehicles for work and home: experiences of using electric cars, mopeds and bicycles (Elfordon i Malmö i familjen och på arbetet: erfarenheter av elbilar, elmopeder och elcyklar). Kröyer, H.R.G., Johansson, K., Lunds University, 2013.
Trafkon ab is a consulting firm that focuses on traffic research, teaching & consulting.
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